Everyone’s individual objections are important:
the more that the council receive the louder our voice is…

The public consultation on the original proposed closed in July 2018. Comments are welcome on the revisions to the proposal by 11th October – see here for further details.

Submitting your objections

You can register your objections in one of three ways:

  1. Online using the NHDC Planning Portal
  2. By sending a formal letter to the NHDC council offices (Melissa Tyler, Planning Officer, NHDC, Council Offices, Gernon Road, Letchworth Garden City, Herts, SG6 3JF)
  3. By sending a formal letter as a PDF attachment to an email to the NHDC Planning Officer in charge of the case – Melissa Tyler (melissa.tyler@north-herts.gov.uk)

We suggest registering your objections using at least 2 of these methods above. In particular, the NHDC Planning Portal is limited to a maximum of 3000 words, so this won’t work for lengthy objections.

It’s important that objection letters represent your individual perspectives so we haven’t provided one standard letter for you to use, however you can find below a list of key objections you may want to consider using, and an outline letter, and a short guide on how to use the NHDC Planning Portal.

Every adult in your house is entitled to send their own objection, even if living at the same address, please consider doing this as one factor that the council will consider is the overall number of objections.

List of key objections

The key objections that you should consider raising are listed below. Of course you can decide which ones are more relevant to you, and add others, it is better if each objection letter the council receives represents your individual perspectives. Click on each item for more details:

  • Not supported by the Local Plans – the proposed development site is not one of the identified development sites on either the existing or emerging Local Plan and is outside the town boundary
  • Visual Impact – the proposed development will have a significant adverse visual impact
  • Access and Traffic problems – the proposed access route for the development is restricted and will put additional strain on Briary Lane and Sun Hill
  • Risk to our water supply – the proposed development site sits above a groundwater supply which is at major risk of contamination if the development goes ahead
  • Flood Risk – the gradient of the site could cause runoff water from the development to affect existing properties on the surrounding lower ground
  • Loss of Privacy – the gradient is the site means that occupants of the new dwellings will likely overlook existing properties on the surrounding lower ground
  • CPRE objection – you can reference the strong objection that has been submitted by NHDC
  • Impact on Ecology – the development poses a threat to the ecology of the area especially Therfield Heath and the SSSI

Additional objections have also been raised in June 2018.

Outline letter

We have provided an outline objection letter including a downloadable version to use in Microsoft Word. Also, if you are short of time, we have provided a “tickbox” letter which you can submit – it would be much better if you are able to write your own letter however we understand not everyone will be able to do this.

Guide to using the NHDC Planning Portal

If you’ve never used the online planning portal before either to comment on or submit a planning application this guide here is a step-by-step guide.

CPRE Guide to commenting on Planning Applications

For more comprehensive guidance on the planning process, objection on applications, and how these are taken in to consideration by the council see the CPRE Guide to commenting on Planning Applications.

Remember – to ensure your views are taken in to consideration please ensure these have been sent in no later than the published deadline of 5th July 2018.


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